Darles Flow | Dj / Producer

Darles Flow | Dj / Producer

Darles Flow | Dj / Producer


Darles Flow – exclusive artist by M-Sol Records. Long years producing, but successfully establishing himself in public with his Ep “Love Frequencies” and the album “Levitation”, as well as his great singles “Restless” and “Distant Echoes”.

He entered the TOP 100 Beatport with the remix he did with Marga Sol on the track “In The Jungle” (originally composed by Dj Nasty and Mathew Brabham). His music style is mostly Deep House and Deep-Tech with an atmospheric background.

Influenced by great names on the electronic world scene, like Helly Larson, Addex, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Riccicomoto, Timewritter, Ugur Soygur, Deep Spelle… Darles Flow creates his special DJ mixes, full of deepness, melody and atmospheric wideness, called “DEEP SENSES”.


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