Kev Sheridan | Alone In Berlin | Maeve 13

Kev Sheridan | Alone In Berlin | Maeve 13

Artist: Kev Sheridan
Label: Maeve
Title : Alone In Berlin
Catalogue : Maeve 13
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release date:
Digital: 13/04/2018
Vinyl: 13/04/2018

Maeve are thrilled to welcome long time friend Kev Sheridan to the label for his debut release. Kev is one of the most talented musicians we know and its an honor for us to release his first work to the world. This project has been developing over the past few years and now we have a record we feel showcases the deep musicality and talent Kev has.

Although not sounding like a typical Maeve dance floor record, the A side entitled “Alone in Berlin” is a stunningly beautiful piece of music. Its measured melancholic flow creates a shared empathy between listener and composer.

“Wash Over Me” is the B1, and with it comes a change of pace moving into a broken beat rhythm but still maintaining the emotion of the A side. Haunting pads hang over clean staccato percussion creating an overall euphoric vibe.

“Losing Someone Is Never Easy” is the final track on the EP. This straight up house cut again shows Sheridans deep musicality using a wide range of instruments to weave a beautiful tapestry made for special dance floor moments.

Track list Vinyl / Digital :

A1. Alone In Berlin
A2. Wash Over Me
B. Losing Someone Is Never Easy