M-Tric | Dj / Producer

M-Tric | Dj / Producer

M-Tric | Dj / Producer




Category: Dj / Producer

Genre: Techno, Dub Techno, Ambient, Electronic


I played the drums for 8 years, played in an orchestra and, incidentally, in a music school for music theory and drum lessons.

After some time, my music style has changed.

From the day I found a lot of electronic music of all kinds of techno, hard techno, drum and bass, tekno, goa, experimental, deep house and much more.

At some point I happened to hear a mix with Ambient and DubTechno.

I listened excitedly and felt something very special. I felt a very special feeling in me that tells me that I have to break new ground with my musical talent.

I bought all the equipment I needed and exactly 1 year later I had my first appearance as “M-Tric” in the DubTechno Mixshow “ReactorRoom”.

And now, I am part of a huge project to make people sound good music and to make them feel where they have arrived. 
I work toghter with very nice people around the world and have my own mix show! (MINDSET) 
now, i am part of a huge family.


– M-Tric –


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