Matter & Universal Harmonics – Re Entry | Particles Records | 2018-10-26

Matter & Universal Harmonics - Re Entry | Particles Records | 2018-10-26

Matter & Universal Harmonics – Re Entry | Particles Records | 2018-10-26


A strong collaborative production partnership, Matty Doyle and Jerram Adams have garnered considerable notoriety under their Matter and Universal Harmonics monikers. Now the Australian duo return to Particles with “Re Entry”, including remixes from Hungarian and Mexican stars.

Impressive artists in their own rights, Matter and Universal Harmonics have collaborated on a clutch of releases for the likes of PHW Elements, Mistique Music and JOOF, with impressive results. A long-term friend of Proton Music and Particles, Matter’s own rise to stardom in the underground dance firmament has been particularly noteworthy with a host of original and remix production material. Following up on his work with Universal Harmonics after their rerub of “We Are Dust” in May 2018, the duo now debuts on Particles. “Re Entry” is thus a typically dynamic track. With its cavernous beat and warm, pulsating bassline, Matter and Universal Harmonics have created a textured framework for a glorious chord progression to develop as it washes over the listener in trademark fashion. Building effortlessly from a luscious breakdown, the track erupts into a pulsating floor-filler that excites with grooved stabs and growling, open-filtered bass. The result is a magical experience.

Hungarian artist, East Café, is no stranger to the progressive scene. A stalwart with a sound that helped define the progressive breaks genre, his work has been a staple on some of the industry’s finest imprints for over a decade and more than 500 production credits to his name. A Particles regular with the “Indian Summer” and “False Visions” EPs, East Café now returns after a successful remix of Matan Caspi in December 2017. He thus takes “Re Entry” on a bright new path with pounding beat and off-beat percussion to provide a driving dancefloor framework. Making clever use of Matter and Universal Harmonic’s original components as a starting point, rich new motifs flow across the track with ease, highlighting the Hungarian’s own production skill. White-noise washes and a soaring breakdown add further depth and intrigue in a remix that rises and falls to create a stunning new interpretation.

An artist at the peak of his powers, Hot TuneiK’s star has risen rapidly with his DJ performances, production work and stewardship of Hookah Records. Making his full EP debut on Proton Music in April 2018 with “Revival”, the “Erase and Rewind” and “Tulum” EPs for Particles in October 2017 and May 2018, showcased the Mexican’s supreme talents. Remixing Matter and Universal Harmonics, an elaborate groove, sculpted from hats, shakers and toms, sit tightly against a strong beat. Using the chord progressions and motif from the original, the Hot TuneiK remix builds hypnotically with bouncing bassline and flowing pads crafting a languorous offering that is an innovative new interpretation full of passion and guile.

As Matter and Universal Harmonics take-off “Re Entry” is provide by remixes from East Café and Hot TuneiK.

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by Marina Gerardi
Mastered by Drew, East Café, Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren


Matter & Universal Harmonics – Re Entry (Original Mix)


Matter & Universal Harmonics – Re Entry (East Cafe Remix)


Matter & Universal Harmonics – Re Entry (Hot TuneiK Remix)

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