NØLAH – Ansuz & Dagaz | Timeless Moment | 2018-08-20

NØLAH - Ansuz & Dagaz

NØLAH – Ansuz & Dagaz


Timeless Moment is proud to present the debut of one of Spain’s finest upcoming talents in Nolah.

Nolah impressed the world with her powerful melodic LIVE set on the highly regarded ‘Cercle’ channel. Her emotive harmonies and delicate arpeggios contrasted greatly with her hard solid grooves, making a perfect fit for the amazing landscapes surrounding her.

Nolah brings to Timeless Moment two of the most wanted IDs from her Cercle set in ‘Ansuz’ and ‘Dagaz’, superbly crafted tracks that showcase all her talent in composing complex timeless melodies.

To complete this EP in perfect fashion, the rising stars Lunar Plane return to Timeless Moment to Remix ‘Ansuz’ with their astonishing sound design and endless creativity that is sure to create another dance floor hit.


NØLAH – Ansuz (Original Mix)


NØLAH – Ansuz (Lunar Plane Remix)


NØLAH – Dagaz (Original Mix)

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