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Created by Mentality H and some friends to promote underground electronic music styles from Ambient to Techno. Anything deep, soulfull, dark, natural or trippy. Our mission is to help artists in achieving the best to their potential. We are at the opposite side to the mainstream music & arts movement.

In 2015, Reclusive Tunes was just an idea. Over time Mentality H got some support from his friends who helped him about managing the label and they together with Mentality H managed to setup Reclusive Tunes in 2018! With two debut releases first one featuring: Mentality H. Second one featuring: Liuos, M-Tric, Altone, Eyra Landscape, Mentality H, Antias, Schulz Audio.

The word “Reclusive Tunes” means underground, unexplored and mysterious for us so that is what we are looking for to release or promote on our blog.

The label is currently working on more releases for future.

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