Reclusive Tunes Podcast 011 – Tom Larson

Reclusive Tunes Podcast 011 - Tom Larson

Reclusive Tunes Podcast 011 – Tom Larson


This Mix is selected, mixed and recorded by Tom Larson @ homebase.


Tom was born on October 24, 1979 in Sonneberg. At the age of 16 he discovered his love for electronic music. At that time he was inspired by music sets of Richie Hawtin, Karotte and many other artists.He also had a big interest in spinning records.

Tom began to create Mixes… He put on records in many reputable locations in his homeland and at numerous radio stations like Sputnik Radio for example. He convinced lots of parties with his ingenious DJ Skills and also wants to convince you. He made some Netaudiomixes for, Guests and Podcasts Sets arround the world.

For Tom electronic music is just timeless.




Thanxx to all the Labels/Artists for this amazing Tunes !!

01. Phantom Network – Tidal Lock (Tidal Dub) / Phantom Network
02. Stoll – Monuments (Original) / City Noises
03. Phantom Network – Chlorophyll / Phantom Network
04. Phnatom Network – Discovery (Version) / Phantom Network
05. Ashen – Verdant / Reclusive Tunes / Reclusive Tunes
06. Tim Kossman – En Tu Viaje (Original Mix) / Superordinate Dubwaves
07. Phantom Network – Blue Scan / Phantom Network
08. Sraunus – Ien ma / Grounded in Humanity
09. Deeperwalk – Opium (Heavenchord Reshape) / Superordinate Dubwaves
10. Eyra Landscape – Daydream (Remake) / Reclusive Tunes
11. M – Trick – Twelve Hours / Reclusive Tunes
12. Ashen – Parlor / Reclusive Tunes
13. Phantom Network – Hitodama / Phantom Network
14. Gorgi Georgie – Beat Pocket / Reclusive Tunes
15. Outro by Subset – Mote / Superordinate Dubwaves