Subchord Podcast – M-Eject | 2018 Dub Techno Set

Subchord Podcast - M-Eject

Subchord Podcast – M-Eject | 2018 Dub Techno Set

His carrier as musician began at late nineties. First it was the legendary club “Jeevot”(Stomach) – the stronghold of underground culture in Kharkiv. Than opinion program “Genetic” on local radio station, residency in many clubs of the city. Through permanent development in musical sphere, impeccable taste, unmatched technique of mixing and positive attitude the dance floor pumping from Lviv till Vladivostok!
Also M-Eject is a guest on private parties.

His dj set is always a good trip! It’s daring and biting sound of Berlin, it’s Detroit’s underground, it’s depth of sunny deep house. But always stay loyal to his personal taste that developed for more than 10 years behind the decks. During this years M-Eject learned how to capture the listeners with his musical stories and everybody satisfied with this kind of dance.

Resident: Pacha-Mama (Kharkiv,Ukraine)

Resident of labels: Pollux Records (Germany/Greece), National Techno Records (Russia), City Life Records (Gemany)


Narson Nelson – Rub A Dub
R C R G N V – Symbiosis (Summer Club Mix)
Korus – Random Lights
Torge Olafson – Self Intrusion
Raw – Solid
Echo Delta – Nomo
DTW//CPH – Blessings
Dive Craft – Propinquity
Noise Robots – Randomatic
Unbroken-Dub – Pterosavr

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